The division of Anglican church

It is already known that the church that was established years ago but is not the very first religion to be established is the mother of all churches. That is why it has produced many offspring that continually expand until this time. From that church came also another church who has its own history as one but now it has been divided. More divisions could happen as the principle of people also differ more and more.

The Anglican church has been divided into three major group.

One of the division is the Anglican Catholic Church that has the coat of arms that is the image above. They have their own reason and doctrine why they belong to this classification. they are more close to the doctrines of the Catholic church.

The second division is the Anglican Evangelical Church that is more Protestant in their way of worship and belief.

The third division is liberal Anglican that is considered to be broad and can adapt and accept cultures and traditions where it exists.

The three division has some differences on their liturgies, the culture and even the theology they believe and study.

They have been divided mainly because of the beliefs or doctrines that they have. One group wants and support a movement but one group do not and so they just split into two. That is why even if they are named the same but they have their own set of belief and theology to explain things. What is more amazing is that many Anglicans are going to their home. Many and even all member of churches in one country convert to being Catholic.