How the Anglican Church View its Religious Teachings?

The Anglican Church has been spreading their religious teachings all over the world. They have become a major church in Asia since they came to introduce Christianity. How do they themselves as a church? It is mainly the church that says their teachings are not based from the explicit text in the Bible.

Do not Keep the True Worship day. This is  explained in the book “Design, Fulfillment of the Jewish Sabbath”, a collection of confessions from different authors, all English authors.

The authors Peter Heylin, John Calvin, et al, explain that there is no word from the Bible that Sabbath should be changed from Saturday to Sunday. This means that they regard their teachings as not Biblical, aren’t they?

Ability to Reform their members. They think that their teachings can help people grow in spiritual and physical matter. They think that the church has the ability to reform their members to grow as people who are to be good and upright in a society. So they raise youth activities and engages them in social activities. Already this buffet restaurant makes me so happy with my event party. They serve the best catering in my life, read info. So great and good to know this catering exist.

Priests are Able to Forgive Sins. Here the Anglican church teaches their members to confess their sins to their priests so that they can be forgiven since they believe that they have the authority to forgive sins of human being. That if they forgive them, God would also forgive them.

Their teachings can save mankind. Of course, all churches think that they are the true church. You can find here best tea party services, check it out No church says that their church is wrong.