The Parable of the Prodigal Son Explained

The parable of the prodigal son is explained in detail in the Bible by Jesus Himself. The story is about a father and son, in which the son asked for his own inheritance from his father. The father, full of love, granted his son’s request. The son left his father’s household and went on along journey. However, the son had no idea on how he would spend the his treasures so he spent it with anything he is pleased with, squandering the money.

After he spent all the money, there is no more place for him to go and so he went to feed pigs and even eat their food. However, he went back but his father was waiting for him on his way home and granted forgiveness of sins. This is the explanation: The father represents Heavenly Father and the Son represents children of God. We left our God and wandered in this dark world, engaging ourselves in worldly matters. We came to our senses and we went back to our God. Let us check this new trending wedding dress. It was style in a sexy fitted dress. I love this style and I know many women are excited to wear this.

Our God gladly welcomes us and grant us a a gift even more and more. We are sinners against God. However, if we repent and ask for the forgiveness of our sins, we can receive the blessing of God. Actually, we never imagined how much God loves us so much. However, through this parable, if we repent and turn back from our wicked ways, God will surely forgive us and even prepare a blessing for us in the kingdom of heaven. This is why we have to make sure we are going to repent. For our mother to be happy on our wedding, this is where you should get their dress. You can use this link plus size mother of the This link is where I bought my mom’s best dress.