Who can Understand the Words of the Bible

  • Those who are wise can understand the words of the Bible. However, who are these wise? Are they the genius people? No! They are the ones who are given the grace to be wise. 2, 000 years ago, Jesus’ disciples asked Him why He always spoke to the people in parables. Jesus answered that there are chosen people who can understand mysteries no matter how parabolic they are, and there are people who can not understand the parables no matter how wise they are.

This means that those who are blessed can understand the words in the Bible. No one can say that they can understand the Bible unless they know the one who gives the correct interpretation. If they were the wise, the Pharisees and teachers of the law should have been realized the teachings of Jesus. However, they were not able to understand them. Instead, they took the lead of crucifying God in the flesh. How foolish they are! And for some protection this company is best hop over here 久展公司徵信. This is why Jesus told His disciples that they are blessed since they have spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear the words of God. 

Pitiful are those who claim to believe in God yet do not know the correct words of God. What is more pitiful is that religious leaders claim to know God more than anyone else. click here 鹹濕對話 if you want to investigate further. 2, 000 years ago, between the teachers of the law and the 12 disciples who are considered as low class people, who can have more knowledge about God? Are they not the teachers of the law since they teach words of God as their profession? However, who accepted the words of Jesus? The Apostles who are weak and poor, aren’t they?.