6 Things you Should Know about the Anglican Church

We should know more about the Anglican church. What are the things that we should know about them?

1. Anglican shall be the religion of the monarch who inherits the state of England. He is never to defy the religion because he has to make sure that the religion shall prevail and continues to the last generation.

2. The Anglican has the same procedure with the Roman Catholic Church. The same procedure the Anglican Church has broken up with the Roman Catholic church.

The only difference is that the Anglican Church does not include Mary as their mother while the Roman Catholic does it. (I went to Anglican and Roman Catholic Church at the same time).

3. The headquarter of Anglican church is in England, where the Archbishop stay. However, the Roman Catholic church’s headquarter is in Vatican where the Pope sits on his throne. The more important matter is that they share the same fate.

4. The Anglican Church takes mission to evangelize other people and join them in the congregation and asks them to be baptized. And find this cleaning company service done over, check information here.  A lovable shop has been here to serve you.

5. Many people flee from the Church seeing the hypocrisy of the church leaders. This is an undeniable truths heard from many interviewees.

6. Priests are not allowed to marry. However, there are still priests marrying. Most of the people think that Roman Catholic and Anglican Church forbids marrying. Yes, it is written in their etiquette. However, some still get married and do their mission. And here you can find best air conditioning service from this company, 冷氣 清潔. Not every region has the same rule in regards with this matter.