Who on earth can Interpret the Bible?

What is your answer? Who can interpret the Bible? Perhaps your answer can be one of these: priests, pastors or leaders of religion. These are the common answers given by people. We have the notion that these people have the authority to interpret the Bible. Is it because they have knowledge in the Bible? This is a big question! Some religion do not allow their members to read the Bible saying that only the ministers are allowed to read the Bible. They deprive their members from reading the Bible.

However, the answer is none of the above can interpret the Bible. If we read Revelation chapter 5(last book of the Bible), you we can prove that no one can interpret the Bible. Only the Lamb who appears in the last days can do that. So if we are not the Lamb mentioned in the prophecy, we are not supposed to interpret the Bible. We are just followers of the given interpretation. Why is that? Can we not see the effect? By just having a wide knowledge about web marketing, you will gain a lot of advantages from it. Your business will be grown and people will come to recognize more about your services, view and read moreĀ from this link. Internet can help you make your business transactions more easy and convenient for marketing.

Since many religious leaders are interpreting the Bible, many different interpretations of the Bible are coming out which makes people turn away due to this conflict. This is why to avoid conflict, we should find the One appointed to interpret the Bible. It is clearly written in the prophecy. Unless if it is not written that there will be One coming who will open the Bible for all mankind. The conclusion is that no one on earth has the authority to interpret the Bible.