Let’s Bring out the History of the Anglican Church

Looking back at the history of the Anglican Church is a long story. Actually, the Anglican Church is one of the major church denomination in the west particularly in England where it originated. Most people believe that it is the almost the same with the liturgical worship of the Roman Catholic. Yes of course! There is no reason for the Roman Catholic and Anglican Church to be different from each other. 15th century is when the term “Anglican Eucharistic Congregation” was formed.

This is the branch of the Church of England, an offspring of the Roman Catholic Church during the 6th century. The Roman Catholic Church evangelized England after its secularization during the Dark Ages. The church that they established was called “Church of England”. This means the church is no different with the Roman Catholic Church. For more than nine centuries, the church of England was displeased with the Roman Catholics greed and unjust administration of religion and the state with this great travel agency linked here www.chinavisa.com.tw. This is why when Luther raised a voice for Reformation during the 16th century, they grabbed the opportunity.

In that year, Henry VIII was still the King of England. State and Religion can not separate during those times. He powerfully separated his church from the Roman Catholic Church since the latter not grant his divorce from his wife. Travel and apply for your visa from here, check this 台胞證申請地點. After all the struggles against the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, having the King as the head, was created and that it became the religion that is inherited by the monarch.