Anglican and Its Neighboring Religions (Protestants)

The Anglican Church is an offspring of the Roman Catholic Church. However, there are so many things that we have to discuss between this religion and other religion. It is a matter of fact that the neighboring religions of Christianity have differences in terms of their beliefs, procession and others. Although the Anglican church was established in England, it has many churches all around the world. The Anglican church was established in England while the neighboring denominations from American society. They call themselves Protestants.

The Anglican church is also a protestant church. The similarity of these found among them is that they are all protestants against the Roman Catholic Church. But the question is: Are these numerous denominations really different from each other? Perhaps yes because there are teachings they differ but the fact that they all follow the major teachings of the Roman Catholic Churches makes them similar. For example, all of them keep Christmas, Sunday, veneration of the Cross, and so forth and so on. This is reality.

The book “The Faith of Millions” written by Cardinal John O’Brien, a Roman Catholic leader, states in this book the inconsistency of the Bible and those who claim to believe in the Bible. He said,  why the protestant church do not follow the teachings of the Bible when in fact they said that they are against the Church (Roman Catholic), but rather teaches in their congregations the teachings of the Roman Catholic which are not based from the Bible. Of course, it is inconsistent!