Introduction to Christianity (Anglican)

There is much religion that exists in this world and each has its own belief. Religion is one issue that it can be the center of a heated discussion or one that wishes to inform and not to boast of the church or religion. Even if people already know that we cannot be saved by the religion but people regard it as important. That is because it is related to the daily life or some important events in the life of a person who commits to being a Christian.

Because of that people should maintain a religion so that they could be part of the community. It is because when you want to have a wedding then you must register and someone would administer your wedding that is recognized by the state law.

That illustrates why people just choose what is there and not seek for the truth or what they seem to believe in. They just accept what is common to the community and do what others do.

But if you came from the Catholic church you will not need much adjustment as we also have communion that you can participate and the mass is very similar to readings are also done. Everyone is welcome to attend the mass as it is not restricted to members only. But the communion is only for the members of Anglican and you can be excused if you do not want to participate in it.

The church already acknowledges that practices were done are based on traditions passed down from generations that are accepted widely.