Anglicanism and Roman Catholicism Differences

The two religions have been functioning independently with each other for how many years. Even if they have their own movements or activities to understand each other and perform an activity together but they have still a barrier between them that one claims to be Catholic and another and Anglican. As time passes by a confusion and curiosity have been developed of what are the differences between the two religions. But by taking a look at the two churches we can find more similarities than differences.

When we see in the appearance itself, we can know that they are similar. In the items of clothing of the ones who serve in the church like priests, the two religions are the same.

The way of conducting mass is also the same and it goes with how they pray and worship the saints and also Mary but not all Anglicans pray the rosary.

In reading the Bible, the two religions are also similar because they use the two testaments of the bible and they include to read the Apocrypha.

But one of the noted difference between the two religions is where the authority rests. In the side of the Catholic church, the authority is held perfectly by the pope. He has the final decision to everything even if he has his own advisors. Whatever comes from him is the final conclusion and all the Catholic bishops, priests, and believers should follow and practice.

The pope is the supreme authority while the Anglicans power is distributed to each leader in different areas.