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Anglican and Its Neighboring Religions (Protestants)

The Anglican Church is an offspring of the Roman Catholic Church. However, there are so many things that we have to discuss between this religion and other religion. It is a matter of fact that the neighboring religions… Read More

Let’s Bring out the History of the Anglican Church

Looking back at the history of the Anglican Church is a long story. Actually, the Anglican Church is one of the major church denomination in the west particularly in England where it originated. Most people believe that it… Read More

Who on earth can Interpret the Bible?

What is your answer? Who can interpret the Bible? Perhaps your answer can be one of these: priests, pastors or leaders of religion. These are the common answers given by people. We have the notion that these people… Read More

Why the Anglican church is growing and influencing college students

Every church wants to experience growth whether in the faith of the members or in the number of the members or even in offering that members are giving. It is because maintaining a church is not easy. There… Read More

6 Things you Should Know about the Anglican Church

We should know more about the Anglican church. What are the things that we should know about them? 1. Anglican shall be the religion of the monarch who inherits the state of England. He is never to defy… Read More

Who can Understand the Words of the Bible

Those who are wise can understand the words of the Bible. However, who are these wise? Are they the genius people? No! They are the ones who are given the grace to be wise. 2, 000 years ago,… Read More

Taking a look at the Anglican church places of worship

Int his time let us have time to see the places where the Anglicans also keep their worship services. We know very much about the very close friend and family of this church but there are things we… Read More

The Parable of the Prodigal Son Explained

The parable of the prodigal son is explained in detail in the Bible by Jesus Himself. The story is about a father and son, in which the son asked for his own inheritance from his father. The father,… Read More

5 Reasons Why One should Seek his own Religion

Here are the reasons why one should find her own religion. Since numerous people around the world do not know why they should have their own religion, this article can help why you should have your own religion…. Read More

How the Anglican Church View its Religious Teachings?

The Anglican Church has been spreading their religious teachings all over the world. They have become a major church in Asia since they came to introduce Christianity. How do they themselves as a church? It is mainly the… Read More